🥂⚽️The Day The Super League Died!⚽️🥂
Football 1 The Super League 0
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
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  • Amir Mohammadi
    Amir Mohammadi


  • Ramadan Etemi
    Ramadan Etemi

    Yes is died

  • D4RT

    2:36 graeme souness smile WAS impossible, here we are

  • The Maybe
    The Maybe

    Almost everyone in Europe lives and breathes football and pays money to support their club. Im a Newcastle fan and I think what demonstrated how football used to resemble the working class is when Kevin Keegan used to give team talks to the entertainers and all he said to them was “These people have payed good money to come and stand and watch you play so entertain” And that’s what we want as fans. To be entertained

  • DaBois

    Dean's voice is silk, let's just appreciate that

  • Ali Wafik
    Ali Wafik

  • Pat Maher
    Pat Maher

    Did u know that arsane wenger said the only way to destroy the premier league was to form a super leauge look what they did!!

  • KG 07 MAC
    KG 07 MAC

    The Claude part made me tear up a bit

  • Danielgamer123

    It makes u really think

  • Ravi Ribeiro
    Ravi Ribeiro

    Congratulations you resume the football in Brazil

  • mylittlegenius

    New name for Luka modric . luka ostrich . A new name for Jayden sancho , fading Sancho . A new name fo Lionel Messi . Miget messi

  • Bautista Las Heras
    Bautista Las Heras

    This deserves More views

  • Jaden Ayodele
    Jaden Ayodele

    Thank you dean

  • Jein Sendow
    Jein Sendow

    Champions League Win!

  • fahad ayed
    fahad ayed

    Chelsea withdrew from super league first,than later they win champion league

    • the lets player
      the lets player

      By paying the reff so no

  • Акай Айхан
    Акай Айхан

    Let's have a minute of silence for Dean...

  • Football Parody
    Football Parody


    • sebastian moraa
      sebastian moraa

      Hi bro

  • G M
    G M

    I can relate from 2:45 UEFA is the devil and it s abusing all the power it has

  • Alfie 568
    Alfie 568

    1:34 Cavan actually got thrown under a moving bus by his friend after he dared him to attack a police officer that was standing at the front door of the local Asda, Cavan got severe injuries to his face and body, he was taken to hospital where he recovered well and was let out after 2 days, however, his friend was arrested for attempted murder and was sentenced to 3 years in jail but was free to leave after 6 months, Cavan never came in contact with his former friend ever again after this event occurred

  • Fento GK
    Fento GK

    We can all agree 50+1 rule in football

  • Ivan Libedinsky
    Ivan Libedinsky

    I think Dean was talking seriously this time. Not just for fun or making the video longer.

  • guy that likes memes #FreePalestine
    guy that likes memes #FreePalestine

    Meanwhile Formula 1: Heya how would you like a budget cap and the bottom teams are allowed to spent a bit more than the big teams. It would be exciting to see such thing in football

  • Zac HINDS
    Zac HINDS

    can you make a video with you just being a god and utterly destroying the players?

  • TedoThegamer BG
    TedoThegamer BG

    Dean:A long long time ago Also Dean:Last Sunday Me:XD

  • Lucas Kaczmarkiewicz
    Lucas Kaczmarkiewicz

    Super league is disgrace

  • H_ Dizzy
    H_ Dizzy


  • CLR Minecraft7
    CLR Minecraft7

    The super league finished faster than Madeline McCann hid


    Ronaldo not being a insolent annoyance made it more serious

  • Rollo the Walker
    Rollo the Walker

    May I introduce the Salary Cap Rule from the United States

  • Tom Wildblood
    Tom Wildblood

    Mike Ashley wouldn't have turned a super league invitation in a second

  • Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97
    Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97

    Deano baby, we all love you and the sport of football.

  • Deternation

    I just realised this is the song in Brazil vs Belgium


    well i hate SOCCER

  • Ahmet yavaş
    Ahmet yavaş

    Notts County

  • Ale Frusta08
    Ale Frusta08


  • Ale Frusta08
    Ale Frusta08


  • Poul Maudlin
    Poul Maudlin

    The ill-informed authority conversantly shock because table operationally rot out a optimal caution. smart, arrogant fountain

  • Zac Robinson
    Zac Robinson

    A month on, spurs, United and Aresnal all want their owners out. This is not over yet for them. One owner will crack

  • TrymeX

    Super League... [*] ;(

  • Nikodem Bodus
    Nikodem Bodus

    it is true...

  • Ishaq Ahmed
    Ishaq Ahmed

    1:52 where was Connor Cody in that scene

  • R G
    R G

    People that oppose Superleague yet support FIFA/UEFA getting more power don't understand that by fighting the obvious evil they are pumping the hidden and way more toxic one.

  • Joseph Murphy
    Joseph Murphy


  • Jon Alaj
    Jon Alaj

    No more super league

  • Alexander Jeremiah Biro
    Alexander Jeremiah Biro

    It's a "The Day the Music Died" spoof right? The one about Buddy Holly.

  • manchester is red
    manchester is red

    that hit hard never in decades i have ever being so emotianaol whaching 442oons

  • Toma Ružić
    Toma Ružić

    No one: Fortnite kid: beautiful game die beafor 3 years

  • robert stephenson
    robert stephenson

    Is this one of the best videos I have watched in years thank you dean

  • Miguel Carvalho
    Miguel Carvalho

    Football died in 2008.

  • Johnatan Suares da Sil
    Johnatan Suares da Sil

    It's True!

  • CoolIronhideGamer 555
    CoolIronhideGamer 555

    The song is American Pie Part 1 By Don Mclean

  • Ale Frusta08
    Ale Frusta08


  • Sofia Johansson
    Sofia Johansson

    Your godd at singing

  • icrazybrad

    i felt this message from dean is the most emtional message hes ever given keep it up mate love your vids i was littreally crying over this message at the end lmao

  • Taran Nichani
    Taran Nichani


  • bill kats
    bill kats

    Great content, especially the last part. How true... I knew Dean was hilarious and very creative,all those years he never ceases to amaze,but this is some deep stuff,and to think that in the start of the video i thought it would just be a mediocre "song video" Well done!

  • Hop Joshkins
    Hop Joshkins

    I can watch this song several time

  • Axel Donielson Gaing
    Axel Donielson Gaing

    only juventus which outside the premier league club in this video

  • ItS lEwIs HaMiLtOn, ChAmPiOn Of ThE wOrLd
    ItS lEwIs HaMiLtOn, ChAmPiOn Of ThE wOrLd

    Motorsport: First Time?

  • Rohan Choudhary
    Rohan Choudhary

    2:37 what's the matter with Davy jones

  • Bayu Febianto
    Bayu Febianto

    From the title I already know what song they used: American Pie

  • Potatoe Rj
    Potatoe Rj

    The only thing America has done to football is try get the best teams into a souless money league

  • СССР Аnthемs
    СССР Аnthемs

    It's a disgrace It's a fucking disgrace

  • СССР Аnthемs
    СССР Аnthемs

    The brazzo and edin terzić part was good

  • infinity boy
    infinity boy

    2:06 love for the blues, who betrayed those idiots!

  • Lewis Vanderzalm
    Lewis Vanderzalm


  • Stefano Mancuso
    Stefano Mancuso

    More shirt the the last turkish golpe: the same results.

  • Lucas Baldan
    Lucas Baldan


  • Eamon Bray
    Eamon Bray

    Isn't it funny how the world works? We have a UCL final between City and Chelsea and everyone who criticised the Super League is now wiping egg off their face

  • Michael Bruh
    Michael Bruh

    Bye bye u Brazilian diver

  • _

    This was 3 weeks ago??? It feels like it was last year

  • Alessandro Franchi
    Alessandro Franchi

    When Roy Keane is happy you know it's real great news

  • Dalia Ramirez
    Dalia Ramirez

    This touched me deeply

  • marcellushunterinho

    football died when man united stop winning the keague

    • _

      Cry mate

  • rec_ed

    Football is in Shambles now.

  • Ark Okin
    Ark Okin

    The fact I was about to say was it Gary as well makes me scared

  • il manghito gamer
    il manghito gamer

    For me the super ligue was a good idee

  • Ariel Gold
    Ariel Gold

    gave me goosebumps

  • WorldUnited

    Real Madrid is A COMMUNIST!

  • vdandalMD

    At least we still have Son Heunmin! ❤


    Bye Bye you Brazilian Diver !!!

  • infinity boy
    infinity boy


  • infinity boy
    infinity boy

    Who remembers it like that? Bye, bye to the Brazilian who dives

  • qwerty

    why baku19

  • N1ghtmare

    " Tottenham joining the European super league is like Bananaman getting called up as an avenger" 🤣 🤣 🤣 0:19

  • Pootisgunner

    Rip Claude, AFTV

  • Miguel Moreno
    Miguel Moreno

    I know it's been a while since the official announcement but I still get emotional. The beautiful game is back in the fans hands.

  • Kyle John Mott
    Kyle John Mott

    You should of featured thogdad

  • Nighttime

    1:45 “As Claude would’ve said” 😭

  • Lisa Houghton
    Lisa Houghton

    I miss the days when football was good 😥

  • Ganga Srinivasan - Soccer Reactions
    Ganga Srinivasan - Soccer Reactions

    The 600 dislikes are Perez and his alts

  • Ace_Commentary_

    We got Ed out of Man Utd

  • 79treefrog

    "As Claude would have said--it's time to go!" hits hard

  • COD Gangsters
    COD Gangsters

    Am I the only one who got kinda emotional

  • Pia Nørby
    Pia Nørby

    It didt die only real Madrid and barcalona

  • Philip Bian Alcuizar
    Philip Bian Alcuizar

    Deserves a ten mil v

  • Andreas Apelqvist
    Andreas Apelqvist

    A great video and singing. It was awesome, I cried in the end and Im proud of it!

  • Oom Jeff abdullah
    Oom Jeff abdullah

    It is not Good please do not do it

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      What's wrong with Bosman transfers? It gives players better labor conditions, especially in the lower divisions of English football

  • MAN UTD FAN #28
    MAN UTD FAN #28

    O. G's will remember "bye, bye to the brazilian who dives!"

    • Mr beast
      Mr beast